Professional Public Relations 101 Conference

August 1, 2008

Never before in the history of entertainment has there been a one-stop shop to meet all media and public relations needs of aspiring musicians, DJs, entrepreneurs, models, managers and fashion designers.

PROFESSIONAL PUBLIC RELATIONS 101 CONFERENCE is a multi-city tour that seeks to educate, enlighten and empower tomorrow’s urban trendsetters on increasing exposure via newspapers, magazines, websites and video shows. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with top entertainment journalists, editors, critics, publicists, marketers and television show hosts.

In addition, PPR 101 will provide necessary tools on site to prepare attendees for media spotlight. Available on site will be professional photographers for press kits as well as established writers providing artist biographies and company profiles. Graphic designers will also be on hand at the event to provide websites, company logos and flyers. Additionally, attendees will be offered thousands of dollars in discounts for advertising in top publications.

Panel discussions and one on one sessions will be offered.  Topics of discussion will be the role of a publicist, how to make the image/branding, secrets to securing editorial coverage, crisis communication, anger management and how to handle disputes professionally.   Performance opportunities available.  Free to all pre-approved media.

PPR 101 CONFERENCE empowers aspiring artists with media training.

PPR 101 will be held in the following cities:

New Orleans- Oct. 8

Atlanta- Oct. 15

Birmingham- Oct. 22

St. Louis- Nov. 5

Charlotte- Nov. 12

Houston- Nov. 19

For more information on the event, visit

Call at 404-816-6000 or log onto for more information on DIVAdent Entertainment